How To Grow On Instagram With Reels The Fast & Easy Way.


Find a hook which drives curiosity. You don't need to overthink this, it doesn't need to be complicated you just need to have a reason in mind why the viewer is going to watch your reel.

Always keep in mind

a. Who your reel is for?

b. What is the purpose of making it?

c. Why would the person spend their time watching it?


Don't let quality become a barrier to you creating awesome content. It doesn't need to be high quality but it should connect with people.

Think about the quality of the idea, not so much on the quality of film-making. Don't discount on easy, quick and casual stuff because often that connects with your followers.


You can put custom image in the background while you talk to the camera. It can be ideal for creating situations and scenarios without having to be present at the actual location.

Click on the little image button on bottom left then hit the green screen button, one of top third button from left. Then select the image you want to set as background.


With reels it is a bit of lottery.

There are things that are definitely so entertaining and so good that they are going to do well but sometimes, sometimes just go viral. So if we do think of it like a lottery, the best way of winning the lottery is to buy more tickets.

Find a way to fire up more and more content. Some times content which took less efforts to make can get more reach than the one you spent a lot of time on.


If you are talking to the camera and not putting any text on the screen you are losing out, you are kind of leaving money on the table.

You can use auto-captions feature or generate your own captions for each frame by adjusting the duration.


You can let Instagram automatically edit raw videos from your gallery and make a reel for you.

Here's how you can do it

Create a new reel, Go down to the "images" in bottom left and then hit "select multiple" icon. Once you have done that select the "videos" and the next screen will give you a kind of suggested edit, you can add music by syncing it with suggested music.

Suggested music is another way for people to discover you reel. So, even if you don't like the music nobody cares just use the suggested ones because it cuts to it to the beat and has a better reach.

It won't always create an amazing edit but it is fast and can help you create more content.


It is good to follow trends, a lot of people say follow the trends because people are already into it and that's a good thing to do but you need to "Think out of the box" to stand out from the rest.


These were few amazing tips to up your reels game on Instagram and to help you grow on Instagram in a very short span of time.

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