Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Mumbai

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where the focus is shifted to influential people. These days, this type of marketing has become immensely popular. Traditional media is becoming less efficient. More and more consumers are turning to different social networks, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, for news, entertainment, and information. The influencer agencies also offer brands quite an effective way to target consumers by taking advantage of the sizeable interactive audience of the world's leading social media influencers.

Why Choose Influencer Marketing?

As per this report, 68.8% of influencers that took part in this survey believe that they can take it up as a full-time career. The report also states that almost 60% of the respondents got a chance to work with less than 3 brands per month. This shows that brands are also unable to find the right talent to work with, and this is where an agency comes in to help.

There are several influencers, ranging from prominent influencers like celebrities to small influencers who make profitable posts that provide an excellent level of engagement. The influential marketing agencies know how exactly the world of effective marketing works. As a result, they are in a better position to choose social stars suited to a wide range of various types of requirements. They can also select the influencers based on the subscriber's demographics, location, political or environmental concerns, etc. There are many good influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai. You must select the right influencer marketing agency. To know more about social influencers, you can click here.


What do Influencer Marketing Agencies Do?

Influencer marketing agencies primarily develop strategies and then implement and manage the advertising and marketing campaigns with the help of influencers. The influencer marketing agencies also work by advertising for your brands and hiring top influencers. Indeed, you can also hire an influencer for your brand. However, influencer marketing agencies specialize in this area. They spend a lot of time doing activities like hiring an influencer. Most people in influencer marketing agencies also have substantial hands-on experience and understand in detail how influencer marketing works. They also know the latest trends in influencer marketing and also understand what makes the campaigns effective.

Instagram is still the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing campaigns. The use of Facebook has increased from 7% to 50%.  TikTok remained a relatively steady increase from 45% to 46% and YouTube also saw an increase from 36% to 44% in 2020.


Benefits and Services Provided by the Influencer Marketing Agency

Here are some of the benefits of hiring an influencer marketing agency:

Develop Your Brand

You can develop your brand in the best way possible with the help of an influencer marketing agency. This will help you build your brand online and ensure that the target audience gets educated quickly. Influencer marketing is also growing quite fast in comparison to digital advertising. 

Here, there is more emphasis on the industry leaders' followers to boost their business's growth. The best part about influencer marketing is that the audience already exists. All you have to do is establish a mutually beneficial partnership so that both parties can offer incredible value to each other's audience. To know about influencer marketing, you should check this.

Influencer Marketing Agency helps in Building Trust Quickly

Influencer agencies also help build relationships, trust, and credibility with their fans. People respect their recommendations as well as their content. If you share an influencer's content, you will be able to capture their attention, and they will also start sharing your messages in their community of active audiences. The influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai are highly effective in establishing your brand. As per this report, 17% of companies may devote over half of their annual marketing spending to influencer marketing campaigns. An agency can help you spend your budget on the right talent.

Speedup Your Goals

Influencer marketing agencies can also be highly beneficial for emerging brands or those struggling to be attractive in their social media marketing. Once you clearly understand how effective marketing can accelerate online goals, you will quickly implement your first campaign to test the results in the business.

Why do you Need an Influencer Marketing Agency?

A good influencer marketing agency will help drive the maximum value from every project for the brand, the content creator, and the audience. This means that they will work with insight and forethought to ensure that all needs and concerns of the stakeholder are understood and met.  Moreover, the influencers also need to feel supported and creatively understood. They should never push into campaigns or branded content ideas that don't gel with their content style, values, or the audiences' taste. It is also essential that the client of the influencer marketing agency feel informed and have their specific campaign needs and KPIs understood and served. They should also feel assured, and the system should be transparent until the process is relatively new. This site will help you understand in detail about influencer marketing.

As per the latest benchmark report, the value of social commerce sales in 2022 is estimated to close at around $958 billion, and by 2025, social commerce will make up 17% of total e-commerce sales.

The influencer marketing agency's responsibility is to find the most natural and effective matches between the brand and influencer and be capable of generating creative ideas and campaign formats that serve both parties in the most harmonious and mutually beneficial manner. Choosing an influencer who is an expert in your business niche is important.

The influencer marketing industry size is expected to reach Rs 2,200 crore in India by 2025 as per the new report.


List of Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies

1.One Impression


One Impression is one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India. They have as many as 200000+ influencers who can influence the audiences to purchase your products & services. Moreover, this agency also helps brands to collaborate with Thought Leaders, Celebrities, Influencers, Content Creators, and many more. They are the fastest-growing influencer marketing platform in India.

2.OPA Influencer Marketing Agency


This is another excellent influencer agency. OPA is a managed marketplace between Brands and Influencers. There are as many as 200+ brands that use OPA to collaborate with as many as 80k+ registered influencers. They are also building software that will help in bringing Simplicity, Speed, and Scale to influencer marketing. Some of the top brands that include Nykaa, Sugar, HUL, Vero Moda, WOW, Plum, and Decathlon, use the influencer marketing services of OPA. They run several campaigns effortlessly with the help of technology. You can check here for details on how OPA works to transform influencer marketing experiences for brands.



Confluencr is another reputed influencer marketing agency. It has as many as 400+ renowned brands who trust it for its sharp strategies, careful influencer curation, optimized reports, and analytics. This agency creates the proper requirements for your brand and caters to their needs and requirements. Confluencr also helps you to reach the right audience through the right influencers. It also drives very fruitfully worthy collaborations for your brands that help in creating brand awareness and also help in long-term sustainable lead generation. 

4.Third Eye Blind Productions  


This agency masters the two main Qs of marketing – Quality & Quantity. There is an excellent blend of creative heads, and they give direction to your dreams. They believe that content is king for any brand to stand out in the crowd. This is how the boundaries expanded to influencer marketing and talent management across 16+ countries.



Chtrbox has automated the influencer marketing landscape in India. The influencer marketing landscape is also intelligent, scalable & cost-efficient. The proprietary technology that they have enables them to classify as well as identify the right influencers based on their reach, relevance, and also resonance. The rich data and intelligent analytics help them make the influencer loop measurable & deliver the best RoI.

6.A&B-Influencer Marketing


This digital marketing agency for luxury & premium brands is based in Mumbai & London. This agency focuses mainly on growth via digital strategy, including CRO, SEO, social media, Influencer marketing, & PPC solutions. Their team has hardcore data scientists and men and women for advertising.



 They are an award-winning influencer marketing agency. They have the best experts working with them. They help in delivering organic results for your business.



This is a data Driven Influencer Marketing Platform that helps you to reach your target audience. They also identify cost-effective and authentic influencers according to key metrics of the brand. This agency also enables the brands to analyze the influencer's performance on social media channels. They also help in optimizing the ROI for the influencer marketing campaign in real time.

9.Brew My Idea


The strategies of this agency are excellent. They also promise to help you get incredible results, and the best thing is that you do not have to put in the expected time and effort. 

10.Social Beat


This influencer marketing agency helps in building authenticity for your brand. They also help in developing brand awareness and word-of-mouth virality. They have a network of about more than 25,000+ influencers. The influencer discovery also gives you a 360-degree perspective on an influencer to help you find the right match for your brand. It is quick, easy, and just the right thing that you need to kickstart your next influencer marketing campaign.


Indeed, influencer marketing agencies' fundamental economics and pricing models work similarly across the board. Still, it's worth looking out for differences in how agencies operate regarding the influencers they work with. Some influencer marketing agencies might also focus on a particular platform or subject matter, which will need consideration as you plan out what's suitable for your campaign. But a more notable factor you need to keep an eye on is exclusivity and access regarding talent. Some influencer marketing agencies might work with a set pool of affiliated content creators, effectively working with a persistent set of skills. That can indeed bring about some benefits regarding the regularity of working relationships. If you can choose the right influencer marketing agency in Mumbai, it will benefit you for sure.


1.What is influencer marketing?

Ans: It is a form of digital marketing that utilizes influencers from various niches to promote a particular brand. In this case, most influencers promote a brand on their feed so that their followers can see that particular brand through them. Influencers also give their genuine review of the product or service among their followers.

2.Are celebrity promotions and influencer marketing the same?

Ans: No, they are not the same. The influencers are not as famous as celebrities, but they are valued among their followers as they have a unique approach. Influencers are also likely to communicate with their followers to build strong and long-term relationships that celebrities do not do for promotions. Moreover, if you promote your brand with celebrities, that will cost you a hefty amount, on the other hand, if you hire an influencer for the same, it will be cost-effective and also save a lot of your time.

3.Who can use influencer marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy?

Ans: Various industries are using influencer marketing as a part of their digital marketing strategy to increase their brand value and sales within a short period. Due to the effectiveness, new brands are coming up with a new campaign strategy that involves influencers for increased engagement.

4.Who are micro-influencers?

Ans: Micro-influencers are individuals who have followers ranging between 5000 to 100000. They could be either fashion or lifestyle enthusiasts, investors, food bloggers, fitness bloggers, book reviewers, mom influencers, etc. Reports say that as much as 84% of consumers trust recommendations over traditional advertisements.

5.How to find proper influencers?

Ans: There are certain tricks to finding proper influencers for your business. You have to understand that not all influencers are as effective as you might think. The general rule is going to those influencers who share the same interest as your business.